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St Petersburg Art-Oberfest

October 12, 2009

After reading lots of articles online I found some great tips in setting up for our first REAL craft show this past weekend. Here are some pictures of what it turned out looking like.

Our first great tip was to use a canvas painting cloth as a table cloth. It worked great for our back table and was so cheap to buy! If we were to buy a regular table cloth that would go to the floor/ground they were priced around $70. This table cloth cost us $23!
There are two schools of though on prices, one to display or not to display. We wanted people to know our prices and so we decided to display them. Our next good little tid bit was to go ahead and figure up your prices. The price needs to include tax and then round to the nearest $0.25 (example- item was $13.97 times 7% sales tax= $14.95, so round it to $15). It makes for a nice even price tag and is great for people paying cash! Now I just have to learn all new prices.
I think our booth turned out great this time! I love our new banner:)
Now for our next show November 10th!