May 28, 2009

Baby Cait’s or “Baby Cake’s” first birthday is coming up very soon! Time flies doesn’t it!?! And for her birthday, her mom, Theresa, is searching for tutus on Etsy.com. This week, I took some time to help her out and these are some that I found. I just want to eat these kids up! Aren’t they precious!!!???

Pink tutu from Ava’s Closet

Custom Tutu from Trinity’s Tutus and it comes with a headband!

Baby’s First Tutu from Lilly Anna for Girls

Sea Breeze Tutu from Tiara’s Boutique

Design your own adorable tutu from Paisley and Posies. Plus 10% goes to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk!

And last, but not least- this adorable tutu to wear with bloomers from Hannah’s Tutus.

Thank you gals for making WONDERFUL items!!!

Make sure you leave me some suggestions for next week’s search…


One Response to “Tutus”

  1. TOfam5 Says:

    Love them all- I think I am close to my choice on tutu now I have to find the perfect bloomers to go under and then I guess she needs a shirt…
    look for pics in July from the party.

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