Buzz Lightyear

May 23, 2009

According to our poll, you would like to see other Etsy shops. Well, we aim to please. Etsy is a wonderful treasure trove of sweet sellers that make wonderful items. You can find anything and everything at Just try it out!

So, I thought I might take a theme and find some awesome items to feature each week to tell you about some of the neat items that are listed currently at

Our first theme is Buzz Lightyear. Ashley’s son,Warren, is REALLY into Buzz Lightyear right now. He has three different Buzz’s and carries them around at any given time. I am currently searching for some really neat things for his birthday in June. Here’s some of the wonderful items I found on my search.

Precious Toy Story Tie from Yeah Baby Ties

Buzz Lightyear Personalized Birthday Tee from JonahBonah
So I just had to have this one and ordered it this week! I have done business with JonahBonah in the past and we LOVE her shirts!!!

Amazing Buzz Lightyear Costume from Tinkerella Creations

How cute is this Buzz Lightyear Bag from MDStudio

And last, but not least, these cute magnets or pins from Little Momma Erin

Make sure you go take a look at all these wonderful shops! And please leave a comment to suggest some themes you would like to see for next week!


3 Responses to “Buzz Lightyear”

  1. The Perfect Trio Says:

    Thank you SO much for featuring my Buzz tee!!!!


  2. Megan Says:

    Thanks for featuring my buzz bag! Im lovin all the awesome toystory items you found 🙂

  3. Ashley Says:

    Thanks Ladies, for making such great items!!!

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